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Computer Crime Demurrer

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by: Ryan • January 19, 2011 • no comments

Let's start with the caveats. This demurrer doesn't apply to every charge of Felony Computer Crime, just the ones with the language "scheme or artifice."

Second, if your client is facing this charge, it's probably the least of his problems, since it is often attached to ID Theft, among others.

Now the good stuff. It will take you about 5 minutes to read this demurrer, understand it, and change it to fit your client's case. (Actually, as short as this demurrer is, it can be boiled down further to two simple, almost unarguable sentences, which are the last two substantive sentences in the motion.) It will take another 5 minutes to make the photocopies you need to in order to file it. But in that short space of time, you will impress your client, or at least help alleviate his boredom if he's in jail, and simultaneously give the prosecutor a small incentive to give your client a better deal.

And those small incentives add up.

Computer Crime Demurrer