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About OCDLA's "Books Online" Subscription Service

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March 2020 — The new edition of the DUII Notebook: A Comprehensive Guide to Your DUII Case has been added.

Available Manuals

Defending Sex Cases - View Table of Contents

DUII Notebook - 2020 edition - BRAND NEW! March 2020. View Table of Contents

Felony Sentencing in Oregon - View Table of Contents – 2019 Edition – July 2020 Updates – NEW!

Investigators Manual - View Table of Contents

Mental Health and Criminal Defense - View Table of Contents

Post Judgment Manual - View Table of Contents

Scientific Evidence: A Manual for Oregon Defense Attorneys - View Table of Contents

Search & Seizure Manual - View Table of Contents – 2021 edition - NEW!

The Trial Notebook - View Table of Contents

Still at War: A Guide for Defenders, Prosecutors and Judges Dealing with Oregon's Veteran Defendant Crisis

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