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Still at War: A Guide for Defenders, Prosecutors & Judges Dealing with Oregon’s Veteran Defendant Crisis


Edited by Jesse Wm. Barton

Copyright © 2017 by the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and Veterans Defense Resource Center.

All rights, title, and interest in this publication, including any updates or revisions thereto, is the sole and exclusive property of Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Do not share, save, or reproduce this publication without prior permission from OCDLA for any purpose other than personal or professional use as an attorney. Do not sublicense, distribute, transfer, or otherwise share your subscription to this publication.




Chapter 1 Legal Considerations

Chapter 2 Veterans Defense Resource Center

Chapter 3 Investigation and Mitigation Services and Veterans Justice Outreach Program

Chapter 4 Military Records and Witnesses

Chapter 5 The Relevance and Influence of Military Culture

Chapter 6 Veterans, Combat Injuries, Military Training and Criminal Justice

Chapter 7 Impact of Warzone Deployment

Chapter 8 The Relevance and Influence of Moral Injury

Chapter 9 Unique Considerations in the Representation of Female Veterans

Chapter 10 The Good Soldier Defense

Chapter 11 The Effects of Arrest, Conviction and Incarceration on VA Benefits

Chapter 12 Mastering the Challenges of Representing Veterans

Chapter 13 Representing Veterans in Federal Court

Chapter 14 Prosecutors’ Considerations

Chapter 15 Best Practices in Veterans Courts: Lane County’s Approach


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