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Questions & Pro Bono Referrals

  • Disability Rights Oregon – 503-243-2081 (Disability Complaints)
  • Federal Public Defender – 503-326-2123 (Federal Questions)
  • Juvenile Law Resource Center (attorneys only, questions by form only)
  • Legal Aid offices throughout Oregon
  • Lewis and Clark Legal Clinic – 503-768-6500 (evictions, bankruptcy, child support, tax controversies, DV, etc.)
  • MPD Duty Attorney – MultCo – 503-225-9100 (MultCo criminal questions)
  • MPD Duty Attorney – WashCo – 503-726-7908 (WashCo criminal questions)
  • Oregon Law Center
  • Child Support Hotline – 800-520-5292 (Paying or Getting)
  • Pro Bono Portland - 503-473-8329 (consumer, contract, employer, housing)
  • Pro Bono outside of Portland
  • Public Benefits Hotline – 1-800-383-1222 (benefits)
  • Oregon Public Defense Services – 503-378-3349 (appellate questions)
  • OSB Client Assistance Office – 503-620-0222
  • OSB Landlord and Tenant Law Resource Page
  • OSB Lawyer Referral Service – 503-684-3763
  • OSB Legal Resource Pages for non-lawyers (advice on tons of issues)
  • PSU Student Legal Services – 503-725-4556 (Portland State students)
  • Renters Rights Hotline – 503-288-0130 (Landlord-Tenant)
  • Stevens-Ness – 503-223-3137 (DIY legal forms)
  • St Andrew Legal Clinic – 503-281-1500 (family law)

General Information

  • Area Codes
  • Every newspaper
  • MultCo Library Portal


  • Free Immigration Advice for Defense Attys
  • ICE detainee locator
  • Immigration Information


  • ODL Suspension Guide (PDF)
  • Traffic Device Manual (PDF)


60 Day Calculator Find an inmate in the Dept. of Corrections Statewide Inmate Search The Feds


  • Bronson's Blog Bronson James blog on northwest leagal issues.
  • Confrontation Blog Devoted to reporting and commenting on developments related to Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004). Crawford transformed the doctrine of the Confrontation Clause, but it left many open questions that are, and will continue to be, the subject of a great deal of litigation and academic commentary.
  • Ninth Circuit Blog Case summaries and commentary by federal defenders of the Ninth Circuit
  • Rankin's Site Rankin Johnson IV blogs on new issues and problems in the areas of appeals, criminal law, forensic science and more.
  • SCOTUS Blog SCOTUSblog is devoted to comprehensively covering the U.S. Supreme Court without bias and according to the highest journalistic and legal ethical standards.
  • Sentencing Law and Policy The Sentencing Law and Policy blog provides Information and commentary about guidelines and capital sentencing. The blog is written by Professor Douglas A. Berman, a Robert J. Watkins/Procter & Gamble Professor of Law.