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If you appreciate this site, please consider helping us out by volunteering or donating money.


We can always use help with this site. Here are some of the ways you can volunteer:

  • research and write a section of the site that is still under construction
  • adopt a section and help us keep it up to date
  • be a point person for your county by helping us build or maintain a local page
  • write an article about an interesting legal issue
  • create a compilation of law or checklist that we can make easily accessible
  • share with us your novel motion or demurrer

If you want to help out in any of these ways, please contact Alex Bassos at abassos@gmail.com

Contribute Money to the Library of Defense

Please consider donating to the Library of Defense by making a contribution to OCDLA’s General Support Fund. Let OCDLA know that you would like your donation to be applied to the Library of Defense. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Your donation will be used to make this site better. Specific projects for which we need funding include:

  • A better search function that will allow you to quickly hone in on the law you need.
  • A forum that will allow defense attorneys to have Pond type discussions that can be easily searched, preserved, linked to and organized.
  • Creating personalized entry pages for the site so that you can customize the information to your practice
  • And much more