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by: Ryan • July 9, 2013 • no comments

People who know me well -- that is, people who have heard the same complaints from me -- know that I'm not particularly interested in charging for the motions and memos I send around. All I hope for is that, if I was some inspiration for an argument you've made, that you let me know how it went and whether it's on appeal. But few people do, and so I don't know if the arguments are simply not being made or people aren't telling me when they are made. Those that do, I'm always appreciative. It's rare that I don't get some information that helps me refine the argument in the future.

It is what it is, and I'm not writing now to complain, but to formally ask for any information regarding Grand Jury notes. I know a handful of people who have argued motions to compel gj notes, but here's the thing: my grand jury posts are the most consistently popular posts I write. It can't just be prosecutors who are reading the posts!

So if you've made the argument at the trial level (or on appeal) in the past year or so that your client was entitled to the Grand Jury notes, please let me know at ryan@ryanscottlaw.com . Specifically, I'd like to know (1) did you get the notes, (2) any surprises regarding the prosecutor's arguments, (3) did the judge agree to review the notes in camera, and (4) did the judge seal the notes and make them part of the court file, in case of appeal?

And of course anything else notable and interesting about the argument.

Thank you in advance.