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by: Abassos • March 17, 2010 • no comments

There is an impressive amount of Oregon legislative material online. If you know how to find it. Here is a step by step guide to figuring out what the legislature was thinking. (Upfront attribution: Everything I know I learned from now Appellate Judge Becky Duncan. Here are the materials from when she spoke at MPD: [Duncan - Legislative Hx].)

  1. Get the Law Number. It will be at the end of the statute indicating the year, chapter and section of creation or amendment. It will look something like 2007, c 123, S 10. Once you get the cite, you can find the laws here.
  2. Get the Bill Number. It will be at the top of the law and will look like: SB 1282 or HB 999.
  3. Get the Staff Summary of the Bill. Online after 1997.
  4. Get the Legislative Tracing for a summary of the bill's path to becoming a law. Think I'm Just a Bill. Available Online after 1989.
  5. Get the full Chronological History here.
  6. Using the information from the bill's path through the legislature, you can get committee minutes and even some committee audio recordings (look under "Audio Archives").