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OR.S.Ct. to Wade into HB 3508 Good Time Muck

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by: Abassos • April 11, 2010 • no comments

In a case that rivals bag limits for its usefulness to the practice of criminal defense, the Oregon Supreme Court has granted review to decide whether HB 3508 denials of extra good time are appealable. Obviously it's an important issue for the people who were denied. But those hearings are done. HB 3508 good time has been suspended. And, trust me, the legislature won't make the mistake of having good time re-hearings again soon.

The questions for review:

  1. Does an individual have a right to appeal when the trial court denies eligibility for additional earned time credits under HB 3508, because the ruling alters the original judgment?
  2. Does HB 3508 preclude entry of a supplemental judgment when the trial court determines that it is appropriate to deny consideration of an inmate for a sentence reduction?