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New Probation Transfer Fees

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by: Abassos • December 14, 2009 • no comments

Direct from the interstate compact guru at DCJ (probation and parole):

I'm sure that word will get to you through my supervisors, but new rules will go into effect in March 2010. Although it has already been a rule (that has not been enforced), one of the biggest changes is at the time an offender requests a transfer via the Compact they will have to have any outstanding extradition fees (not just fees for the current case, but past as well) paid in full before we can initiate the request and submit the paperwork. A bigger concern however is per OAR 291-180-0275 beginning January 1, 2010, offenders wanting to transfer under the Compact MUST pay a $50 non-refundable fee to the Governor's Office Arrest and Return Account PRIOR to being allowed to leave OR. The payments are ONLY acceptable in bank money order or cashier's check made payable to the State of Oregon. It's most beneficial if the Offender brings the money order/cashier's check with them to their Intake appt, this way we know it's paid. As far as I'm concerned, we'll mail it for them. This application fee is not something the Courts have any authority to waive. This also applies to residents returning at the time of sentencing-we will not be allowed to provide them a travel permit and allow them to leave Oregon until this fee is paid. Additionally, this is over and above the $50 application fee this department charges and any outstanding extradition fees owed by the Offender. Given that it is about three weeks from implementation of the Governor's Office fee, please share this information with as many of your colleagues as you can. Please feel free to call me if you have questions. Thanks. Heather Fowler Probation/Parole Officer Multnomah County ACJ - Centralized Intake 421 SW 5th Ave, Suite 300 Portland, OR 97204