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Good Time - 30% or 20%?

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by: Abassos • March 1, 2010 • no comments

So the 2010 legislature just changed the temporary increased good time measure that the 2009 legislature passed. The big question I keep getting asked is whether somebody sentenced in the near future will get 20% or 30% good time. Thanks to Gail Meyer, the infinitely talented OCDLA lobbyist, for pointing me in the right direction and confirming my reading of SB 1007. I think the easiest pattern to follow is the following sequence of dates:

2-17-10: If your client's crime was before this date, then 30% good time is still the law. Including for those sentenced in the controversial and politicized rehearings. If your client's crime is after this date, then 20% good time is what he'll get.

7-1-11: If your client holds off on committing a crime until 7-1-11 then he's back to 30% again. But there are a few less applicable crimes this time around.

7-1-13: Due to the original sunset date, crimes after 7-1-13 are back to 20%. But there will be studies and arguments and politics. And maybe, just maybe, 30% might become a limited but permanent thing.