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by: Abassos • April 3, 2010 • no comments

How did I not know about this handy little website before today:


Just plug a Portland address into the Google-like box and, voila, almost all the crime data you could possibly want shows up in graphs and maps. For example, if you punch MPD's office address into Crime Mapper you find out that we are in quite a high vice area. The darker the red, the more crime. Who knew?


You can break it down into different groups of crimes. The big red triangle is a homicide. The multitude of purple circles are thefts from autos and the darker circles are robberies.


It's a little confusing to see a bunch of crimes at once so it allows you to drill down into any particular crime. Like Robbery. Again, the darker the color the more crime. You can even break it down by time of day.

The one big thing it's missing is the ability to distinguish degrees of crimes. For example, I care about commercial burglaries (aka Burg IIs) in my neighborhood but I really, really care about residential burglaries (aka Burg Is) in my neighborhood. I also really care about robberies in the first and second degree. But Rob IIIs are usually just a shoplifting gone bad where the store employee tackles the thief and the thief struggles to get away. I'm slightly more concerned about Rob IIIs than I am about shoplifting generally, which is to say not as much as truly dangerous crimes.