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by: Abassos • August 1, 2010 • no comments

Have you ever dutifully ordered the dispatch tapes on a case and then realized you have no idea how to read any of it because it's all in code? Well, here are the Police and EMS acronyms used by BOEC. At least for Multnomah County's Bureau of Emergency Communications, which includes PPB.

On a related note, you can listen live to Portland Police dispatch. It's simultaneously voyeuristic and boring. An odd experience. I just listened for 5 minutes and heard about:

  • a bicycle stolen by a guy in a Ninja Turtles t-shirt and beanie.
  • a car accident in which an elderly dude fumbling with his phone ran into "the bumper".
  • somebody at Lloyd Center that may or may not be a gang member threatening to shoot people.
  • some kids sitting on a porch smoking pot.

It's like hearing snippets of a dozen stories at once.