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Oregon Supreme Court 04-02-10

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by: Abassos • April 1, 2010 • no comments

Read the full article for details about the following new cases:

  • Exceeding Bag Limit on Coastal Bull Elk - "Bag Limit"

With all the open questions of law and frustrating AWOPs from the Court of Appeals, thank god the Oregon Supreme Court finally ruled on this vital issue:

In the Uniform Fish and Wildlife Laws, the phrase "bag limit" refers to the amount of animals taken into one's possession, not the amount of animals killed. Our hapless hero in this case killed his elk and then later noticed another elk which was already dead. Not wanting to waste the death of a perfectly tasty elk, he took it and gave it to a friend. It turns out that he should have called the State Police, who would have donated the meat to charity. So sayeth the Supreme Court. State v. Hogevoll